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Managing Multi-Cloud Security Panel

93% of enterprises already have a multi-cloud strategy in place (Flexera 2020 State of Cloud Report). Multi-cloud security protects data and applications from advanced, sophisticated security threats. Some other benefits include reduced costs and better service delivery. But what are the main multi-cloud security trends you can expect to see in 2021?

Join cloud and security leaders as they discuss:
- The benefits of multi-cloud solutions for your security posture
- The challenges associated with a multi-cloud strategy and how to navigate and overcome these challenges
- The cloud security landscape of 2021

Threat and Risk Analysis for the Cloud

No organisation can defend against every conceivable attack in the cloud, thus it makes sense to prioritise threats by the most likely to target your specific business and then make informed decisions on how to prevent and detect those threats.

This webinar will introduce the concepts of Threat and Risk Analysis for cloud security, how to identify the most likely attacks, and how to best focus your efforts and budget to protect your cloud services.

IoT Security Panel

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things, IoT devices are often added into enterprise environments without due consideration for the security and privacy risks they pose to the business. Oftentimes, IT security teams do not have full visibility into how many IoT devices are connected to the network. This creates security gaps, as IoT devices are notoriously vulnerable to hacks and attacks.

Join this interactive panel experts to learn about how enterprises can enhance endpoint, and therefore IoT security.