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About CIX

The Cyber Information eXchange is a cyber knowledge sharing group for security and IT professionals, with a focus on cybersecurity and cyber resilience.


Over twenty years ago, Peter Wood conceived a group that would provide “a new way for security professionals to exchange information and learn about threats as they emerge” and was born.


Membership was open to security and IT professionals from commercial organisations, government and the security industry throughout the UK. ​The group met quarterly for fifteen years and heard from dozens of speakers on just about every aspect of security. The lunchtime networking sessions were also very popular, with members sharing their experiences and problems in a confidential environment. When the sponsor, First Base Technologies, was sold in 2018, fell into disuse and a valuable information sharing resource was lost.


​Realising that the need for independent cyber security discussion was even greater in the 2020s, he decided to create the Cyber Information eXchange.


​The Cyber Information eXchange ( was founded with the help of fellow professional Adrian McGarry to continue the legacy of white-hats in a post-pandemic world.


Joining CIX is free, but attendance at our meetings, both online and in person, is restricted to members.

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